Meet The Team


ashley tran

Lead Tutor, Success Coach, Lead College Student Mentor

"As a college student myself, I have experience navigating through the difficulties that come with growing up and progressing through college, so I would like to lend an ear or offer a second opinion for those who may need it. I also excel in academics and hope to be able to use that knowledge to help other students succeed in their studies. I am passionate about assisting those in need, as I aim to become a doctor sometime in the future. With MTP, I hope to enhance the accessibility and quality of education through hard work, dedication, and a drive to help fellow peers achieve their goals."

Marie Barakat

Human Resources Specialist

"I am so lucky to be a part of the MTP team. I am a first-generation college graduate, with my degree in Human Resource Management.  I have 3 years of experience in Human Resources and find that the most important thing is to show people how valuable they are to the organization. I have had my hand in everything from onboarding to customer service to payroll, and I am excited to continue gaining exposure in a non-profit format. I believe in this cause and am proud to be able to give my time and energy to supporting the youth that will one day be our future. "


james williams

Lead Success Coach

"My interest in the field of youth mentoring goes back over 20 years. As a youth myself, I worked in the S.O.A.R. program in my hometown of Elizabeth, NJ. It was during these summers that I saw myself exhibit talent that is unmatched in other areas of my professional life. After obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Business Management, I went on to pursue my Master's in Strategic Leadership. Three courses from completing my degree, I have learned that youth mentoring is where I am needed and where I transcend. I am extremely enthusiastic about More Than Potential’s focus on strengthening the academic support offered to students."

Ricardo Philibert

Success Coach

"As a residential counselor working with teenage boys from underserved communities and a graduate student pursuing an M.Ed in Higher Education Student Affairs, I know the importance of creating pathways for youth from diverse backgrounds to experience higher education and communicating to those who may think that college is not for them that it absolutely is. I am a first-generation college student and I know firsthand how the disparity of information, resources and cultural capital can affect one's ability and desire to go to college or stay there. At MTP, I aim to be a resource for youth as well as an example to them that they can be successful in college and life regardless of where they come from. "

Emily Montecinos

College Admissions and Application Specialist

"I have recently graduated from Stockton University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Minor in Childhood Studies. I am truly looking forward to pursuing this role because I wasn’t fortunate enough to have somebody at home who knew much about the school system, let alone the process of applying to college. I had to learn on my own how to look for colleges, schedules campus tours, and fill out both my FAFSA and college applications. Because of my own experience, I know how difficult and frightening this transition can be for someone especially when you are having to figure it out on your own."


Sha'Kima Smallwood

College Student Mentor

" I attend Elizabeth City State University. I chose to become a College Student Mentor because I have experience with working with the youth and college students. Since I’m a Viking Voyage Leader, it has showed me the steps that Freshman have to take to get into College. This has helped with understanding how everything works in the Admissions Office. Volunteering will give me an opportunity to help others. To make a difference you must be the difference."

Pablo Rossi

Language Tutor - Spanish

"Enthusiastic and devoted to languages, with a Bachelor´s degree in EN<>SP translation from the National University of La Plata and finishing my second certificate of advanced studies in Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher at the Catholic University of Argentina, I am always eager to assist students with their language classes. With more than ten years of experience in the teaching field strongly believe in the importance of receiving a formal education and how it can help us tailor and shape our future. I feel More Than Potential is my place in the world to serve others and give them the same opportunities I have been given."

Morgan Mulligan

Research and Development Specialist

"Studying sociology and criminal justice in college has given me extensive knowledge in the areas of social stratification and disparities among those living in under resourced communities. Pursuing my degree in an underserved community allowed me several opportunities to serve with organizations aimed at assisting children and youth overcome the social barriers placed on them. Taking part in growing and developing an organization like MTP is something I'm very eager about because a person's roots shouldn't define who they are nor make it anymore difficult in pursuing their highest potential."

A'Nya Marshburn-Foushee

Outreach Specialist, Marketing Specialist

"I am a junior at UNC-Chapel hill double majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies. I have worked with other organizations in reaching out to their communities to bring awareness to the programs they have. I am investing time into MTP because I believe everybody should have the ability to not just have potential, but use that potential for greatness. I am excited for the growth of this organization and to give back to the youth of our world. "


Tim Kraft

Director of Secondary Education

 "Working in education for the past four years has shown me how important this type of work is. As a teacher, I have worked with all different types of students. While I enjoy building rapport with the ones in my classroom, I recognize that transitioning to educational leadership can help me impact, support, and create necessary changes for a larger number of students. I am proud to be a part of More Than Potential because everyone in the organization shares a common goal of supporting and instilling confidence to the youth."


Tiffany Rodriguez

Human Resources Specialist

"Currently I am enrolled at Independence University to obtain my bachelors in HR and Business Management. I’ve always had a passion for human resources since my freshmen year at college. Helping others and being involved in the process of onboarding is fascinating to me. I started volunteering for More Than Potential in January as an HR Specialist. Helping with onboarding and building relationships with other departments and learning something new each day. This organization is fairly new but I see so much growth. I’m so proud of all of the hard work we all put in to make More Than Potential the best we can make it."